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Nlyte has built the most sophisticated management solutions to manage your IT Infrastructure from Data Center to Asset Management, but that doesn’t mean using them requires a PhD!

Can you relate to any of the questions below?

  • Need to ground yourself on Data Center Infrastructure Management?
  • Your mired in red-tape trying to comply with Federal Modernization Initiatives?
  • Your boss doesn’t understand why rogue software use is a real problem?
  • Keeping track of assets has become like “lions, tigers, and bears – oh my”?

We can help.

Our Customers Include

“Nlyte is not just a data center solution. It’s an enterprise solution for all of IT.
It’s all about high reliability.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise, Data Center, Sutter Health

“Nlyte is…our starting point. Having a common framework,
a common source of truth of the inventory.”

Tony Gibson
Associate Director for Inventory Management and IT Tools Support

“We deferred a data center build for about $20 million…
and saved 7% in operating costs…with Nlyte.”

James Cribari
Global Infrastructure Services Development Manager

Industries Served


Sandia turned to Nlyte to automate the tracking of their assets, power and trending with real-time metrics.


“With Nlyte, we not only freed up half a megawatt of power, but also extended the life of our data center from five to 15 years.”


Nlyte delivered with asset lifecycle management, real-time power information, and the customer’s favorite – workflow management.

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