Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Optimize your Critical Infrastructure, from Data Center, Colocation, Hybrid Cloud to Edge Computing

USED BY LEADERS: Largest Most Sophisticated Data Centers in the World

Integrating Building Automation Controls with DCIM software to more efficiently control the Data Center’s Critical Infrastructure.

  • Monitor end to end telemetry points to predict and optimize power and thermal efficiencies
  • Reduce disruptions from maintenance cycles
  • Predict and avoid unplanned outages
  • Optimize application workload placement

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Integrated Data Center Management

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Data Center
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Data Center Sustainability

Our Customers Include

“We deferred a data center build for about $20 million…
and saved 7% in operating costs…with Nlyte.”

James Cribari
Global Infrastructure Services Development Manager

“Nlyte is…our starting point. Having a common framework,
a common source of truth of the inventory.”

Tony Gibson
Associate Director for Inventory Management and IT Tools Support

“Nlyte is not just a data center solution. It’s an enterprise solution for all of IT.
It’s all about high reliability.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise, Data Center, Sutter Health

Industries Served


Sandia turned to Nlyte to automate the tracking of their assets, power and trending with real-time metrics.


Nlyte helped SSE with transparency, asset monitoring, capacity planning, risk reduction and the extension of facility lifespan, giving them a single pane view, for both the facilities and IT teams, of both facilities.


Nlyte delivered with asset lifecycle management, real-time power information, and the customer’s favorite – workflow management.

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