Nlyte Software - The DCIM Company

The Nlyte suite of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) products helps you avoid infrastructure capacity issues, avoid losing track of physical assets and avoid lapses in efficiency in your data center.

Nlyte connects your organization’s IT to the data center physical infrastructure, replacing spreadsheets and Visio diagrams. Nlyte contains predictive intelligence and management controls to achieve smarter, more efficient and highly available data centers.

The Nlyte DCIM suite has many benefits and helps you answer:

  • When is my data center going to run out of capacity?
  • Where is the best place to put my new servers?
  • How can I re-allocate my servers so I don’t overcool to a hotspot?
  • What process should I be following to manage assets on my data center floor?
  • …and much more

Data center personnel and organizations are tasked with solving complex problems every day revolving around moves, adds and changes – Nlyte is designed to make their lives easier. Click here to learn more about our DCIM products.

The management of your physical infrastructure should not be overlooked, but too often organizations act as if once something is purchased or installed and deployed, that’s all that’s needed. Unfortunately, such inaction falls short of modern best practices. Your data center represent tens of millions of dollars of investment for your organization, with constant asset turnover, while running your critical business applications all the while pressing up against resource constraints of power, space, and networking.

DCIM solutions from Nlyte address specific needs for your data center infrastructure management:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Migration and consolidation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Avoiding unplanned downtime
  • Addressing Regulatory concerns

Whether you are a CIO, CFO, part of an IT, Facilities or Data Center management team, the Nlyte 7 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) suite can help you meet these challenges. Click here to learn more about the Nlyte DCIM solutions.