Very Professional Organization, Great To Work With

"Nlyte is great to work with. They are very professional and are always willing to help. The initial implementation went very smooth, and issues that popped up in the second phase were all caused by our own company."

~ Product Owner, Finance Industry

True Asset Management Company with Good Roadmap for future enhancements.

"Solution provided complete asset management and API plugins for integration to other DCIM tools. As per our request and feedback the vendor was also able to make changes quickly unlike other companies. Support issues are dealt with quickly and suggestions for enhancements accepted and when possible implemented by the vendor quickly. I like the fact that we can speak to the CTO and CEO from Nlyte when we have concerns. They are very open to finding solutions."

~ Global Data Center Operation Manager, Finance Industry


Nlyte is the most complete DCIM tool on the market

"Implementation was pretty straight forward, but you want to make sure you understand what your goals are so you capture the correct data from the start. Working in the tool and imputing the data was very easy, especially while using the bulk data importer. It made it extremely easy to make large changes."

~ Senior Consultant, Services Industry


Nlyte Is The Best DCIM On The Market, And Does Everything We Need.

"We did a lot of homework when choosing a vendor for a DCIM solution. Nlyte came out on top as the best solution for DCIM for many reasons. Not only is Nlyte the top DCIM solution at Gartner, it was the only tool to provide everything we needed from automation to our CMDB, auditing, ability to manage data in bulk, easy to access DB, drag and drop, workflow, HTML5, Auditing, and much more. We have successfully rolled out Nlyte globally to 21 Data Centers, over 5K racks, and 48K physical assets. Very easy to use, and train people have resulted in a high degree of data quality allowing us to make fact based decisions."

~ Manager, Global Data Center Services, Services Industry


Straight Forward DCIM Tool Without The Gimmicks And Gotchas That Others Have.

"Nlyte has been a wonderful partner to have as we evolve and modernize our IT infrastructure. Throughout the on-boarding and implementation they have continuously offered advice and solutions based on our specifics."

~ Data Center Lead - Planning and Operations, Transportation Industry


Using Nlyte To Mature Data Center Infrastructure Management Capabilities

"The DCIM product has been very beneficial. Improving support for IT asset management and tracking. The product helps the data center team operate more efficiently and with ITSM integration the product also helps improve overall data quality. Detailed asset location information is important when managing large DC environments. The tool has been great when comes to managing and optimized DC floor space to effectively manage power, heat, and cooling."

~ Senior Advisor, Retail Industry

“Very professional, cooperative, constructive, and a friendly team consisting of the right people. We all value their knowledge, skills, efficiency, professionalism, patience, and friendliness.”

ING Data Center Team

IBM runs it global hyper-scale data center infrastructure on Nlyte. Asset Management, Discovery, workflow, CPU utilization, Server Utilization, RFID, inventory management, integration.

John Miller, IBM
Senior Technical Staff Member

Capterra Reviews Logo

“DCIM, Promises kept and a quantum increase in removing the curtains of data center mysteries.”

The level of data collection required is a few orders of magnitude higher and the effort to collect was anticipated and has greatly improved our current processes in going to a digital development posture versus having to make trips into the hosting centers and reduced our associated risk.

~ David O, IT Infrastructure Specialist, State of Michigan

“Brought us into the light”

The system our service provider uses to track our data center assets is very antiquated and poorly built in-house. Adopting Nlyte brought us into the 21st-century by giving us the tools and capabilities that should be standard across the industry for all data center service providers and colocation customers.

~ Matthew H, Data Center Manager, Department of State

“Colo Facility”

My experience with Nlyte from implementation to ongoing support has been great. We have been a customer for 5 years now and I don't have a bad think to say about the organization.

~ Ryan M, VP of Site Management, Information Technology and Services, DataSite

nutanix logo

Nutanix describes the scope, gained benefits, ease of use, and recommendations to others looking to implement Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Liam Frazier, Nutanix
Platform Engineering Manager

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"DCIM for the Future"

Check it out, get a demo and go and see a live implementation, then make your mind up, you'll chose Nlyte.

~ Allan Rooms, Asanti Data Centres

"A flexible, vendor-neutral DCIM solution with responsive support"

Nlyte NEO uses platform-agnostic network protocols like SNMP and ModbusTCP to communicate with thousands of network devices. Configuration is intuitive and does not require vendor intervention to add or configure new devices, instead we're able to quickly add new devices to the system ourselves and rarely call in support. However, when we do need help, Nlyte support is friendly and easy to communicate with.

~ Derrick Small, Facilities Technician, Mentor Graphics

"First Class DCIM Software with First Class Support"

Nlyte is an excellent all round user friendly DCIM tool used daily within our DC and Tech Room environments by a wide variety of colleagues and ideally suits our needs in terms of asset lifecycle management and their related cabling connections. The support we receive though both the Customer Portal and occasional onsite visits to investigate any are also excellent.

~ Matthew Meeks, Data Centre Specialist, Lloyds Banking Group

“Nlyte is not just a data center solution. It’s an enterprise solution for all of IT. It’s all about high reliability.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise, Data Center, Sutter Health

Hear how after trying to build their own data center infrastructure management DCIM software solution Cisco turned to Nlyte to save money, automate work flow, and get deep analytics about their data center operations and better their data center management.

James Cribari, Cisco
Senior Manager Infrastructure Asset Management