Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

Bridging the gap between Facilities and IT – Plan, Manage, Automate

Data Center Infrastructure Management, DCIM software, allows you to effectively manage your entire physical and virtual compute infrastructure including data center, colocation, and edge.

Nlyte’s DCIM software solution automates the management of all your assets, resources, processes and people throughout the entire lifecycle of your compute infrastructure.

Key Features of DCIM Software

Asset Lifecycle Management
Capacity Planning
Real-Time Data Collection
Automated Workflow and Change Management
Bi-Directional Systems Integration
Audit and Reporting
  • Detailed information about assets and environment
  • Robust dashboards and reporting
  • Flexibility to work in any environment
  • Support for goods receiving, provisioning, changes, tech refresh, decommission
  • Visualize space, cooling, power, network connections, storage and virtualization
  • Proactive versus reactive data center management
  • Accurate data center lifespan prediction
  • Track power, cooling, CPU usage, and alarms
  • Integrate real-time analytics into Nlyte AI Machine Learning and third-party systems
  • Avert bottlenecks with global visibility of worldwide operations
  • Coordinate activities across independent departmental resources
  • Ensure change management requests are compiled correctly and in a timely manner
  • Eliminate communication gaps between facilities and IT
  • Automate change to the data center floor for physical Install/Move/Add/Change processes
  • Deliver end-to-end visibility of time & costs
  • Automation of physical assets to CI reconciliation
  • Visibility of physical connectivity dependencies
  • Location validation
  • Virtual to physical dependency mapping
  • Complete logging of all asset changes
  • Assurance proper configuration was executed according to request
  • Automated reports reduce hundreds of man hours for manual process
  • Identify KPI performance instantly


Nlyte DCIM Software

How DCIM Software Helps You

Asset Management
From the receiving dock to decommissioning, Nlyte's DCIM software maximizes the production value of your assets over time. Capturing change at its source, facilitates timely onboarding of equipment at the time of receiving through to the decommissioning of older equipment.

Workflow Automation
Optimize your resources and personnel with measurable, repeatable intelligent processes making individuals more efficient. Support cross-team assignment for multi-team tasks. Extend the adoption of ITIL and COBIT into the data center without any additional development or services.

Bi-lateral systems communication
Nlyte becomes your single source of truth for all assets sharing information between Facilities, IT, and business systems.

Infrastructure and workload optimization
Designed to support your operation efficiency goals and reduce the number of ad-hoc processes at play in your data center. Unlock unused and under-utilized workload, space, and energy capacity to maximize your ROI.

Space and efficiency planning
Forecast and predict the future state of your data center’s physical capacity based on consumption management. “What if” models forecast the exact capacity impact of data center projects on space, power, cooling and networks.

Risk, audit, compliance, and reporting
Power failure simulations and automated workflow reduce the risk of the unknown and human error. Audit and reporting tools improve visibility and help achieve compliance requirements.

DCIM for Dummies eBook

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“We deferred a data center build for about $20 million…
and saved 7% in operating costs…with Nlyte.”

James Cribari
Global Infrastructure Services Development Manager

“At one point we had over 50 different tools. By the time we initiated the DCIM project we still had 24 discrete tools we were using, 4 of them were from a previous niche level DCIM provider...After the Nlyte implementation, we are down to 5 tools the team uses.”

John E. Miller, Senior Technical Staff Member
Infrastructure Management and Vended Services - IBM

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