DCIM Asset/Inventory Setup Services

Physical Inventory Set Up Correctly

A successful Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) deployment starts with a comprehensive set of details which accurately represents the existing structures found within the data center intended to be managed. This detail includes the physical components themselves, where they are located and how they are interconnected. The resulting data model becomes the starting point for a DCIM Suite deployment.

As the pioneer in DCIM, Nlyte understands how critically important it is to get your asset data correct, and has tested and refined the process of collecting the baseline information over dozens of engagements. Nlyte Physical Inventory Services are a great way to get your Nlyte DCIM up and running quickly and effectively, allowing you to realize almost instantaneous value for your investments.

Benefits of Nlyte’s Professional Services

  • Make changes in asset deployment (whether for a data center migration or consolidation or technology refresh)
  • Plan new capacity related projects
  • Implement new IT strategies
  • Integrate multiple and diverse systems
  • Migrate to a common or upgraded operating system environment
  • Assure technical support staffing requirements

We’ve performed Data Center Asset Inventory and Audit services for some of the largest companies and governments in the world – all over the world. We know what it takes to create an accurate starting point for the Nlyte DCIM Suite to assure full functionality is available to users of our software.

Let us do it for you.