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Nlyte Software, the leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions, invites you to explore joining forces with us through the Nlyte Partner Network. It is designed specifically to align with your business goals, empower you to develop a unique competitive edge to extend your market reach while increasing profitability and closing more deals faster.

Joining the Nlyte Partner Network

Our comprehensive partner program provides your company with a complete portfolio of tools, training and support to help you succeed in the profitable and expanding DCIM market. As a member of the Nlyte Partner Network, your company will benefit from working closely with your designated Nlyte team to ensure your success. You will benefit from market-leading DCIM solutions combined with our valuable programs designed to enable, accelerate, and reward your success.

Resellers & Distributors

Our innovative Reseller & Distribution Program is designed to help your business succeed whether you primarily just sell Nlyte Software or offer the associated Support, Services and Training. The tiers of our program — Authorized, Premier, Elite and Distribution — are structured to offer you the right set of benefits based on the way you want to do business with Nlyte not the other way around.

Our Partners BENEFIT in many ways:

  • High win rates
  • Profitable margins
  • Satisfied customers
  • Comprehensive Sales and Technical Training
  • Great marketing tools

Alliance Partners

Through our strategic Alliance Partner program, the data center and IT industry’s foremost hardware, software and services companies team up with Nlyte Software to integrate and deliver their wares with Nlyte to resell a combined offering as a complete solution.

These globally recognized, market-leading companies offer complementary solutions that extend the capabilities of the Nlyte DCIM solution while providing strategic value back to Nlyte. The Alliance Partner program has relationships that can include OEM arrangements, cooperative marketing or joint development arrangements.

Today, the Nlyte Alliance Partnerships include:

BMC, a leader in IT software, has selected Nlyte Software as its chosen partner to make the logical extension into and connection with data center infrastructure management (DCIM). BMC is a fully licensed reseller of Nlyte software and is also a member of Nlyte’s Technology Partner Program. Nlyte is both proud and excited to have a Global Alliance partnership with a fellow industry leader.

Solution-wise, together, BMC and Nlyte can optimize service performance and costs in your data center and offer the most complete solution for DCIM capacity planning. BMC-Nlyte matches compute capacity requirements at the logical and physical layer via next generation software, proven best practices, and unsurpassed expertise in data center management and IT service management.

“Of particular value was the partnership between Nlyte and BMC, which provided the sales, technical and installation support we needed to ramp up. Both companies continue to follow up with us to ensure that the solution is working as intended and to answer any questions.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise Data Center, Sutter Health

HP, as one of the largest data center suppliers in the world, has selected Nlyte to be part of its Converged Management Consulting Services which provide consulting and implementation capabilities to manage data center infrastructure, end-to-end, from a single pane of glass. HP experts integrate IT, facility and service management based on DCIM technologies.

“In addition, the Nlyte out-of-the-box integrations are very powerful, and Nlyte being an HP partner with integration connectors is just icing on the cake.”

Sean Hendershot
Manager, Data Center Ops, IT Infrastructure Division, Canon USA

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Service Partners

Nlyte Services Partners develop Nlyte implementation expertise and/or related services to deliver complete DCIM solutions to their customers. By combining their Nlyte technology knowledge with their IT services delivery capabilities, Nlyte Services Partners can deliver complete DCIM solutions to their clients. Becoming a recognized Nlyte Services Partner increases your Data Center solutions capabilities, extends the value of your sales proposition, and increases your differentiation in the marketplace.

Technology Partners

Promoting Rapid Delivery of Value for Complementary DCIM Solutions

The Nlyte Technology Partner program is a fast-growing collaboration and partnering program intended to foster technical integrations amongst complementary vendors for you, so you do not have to figure out how to make things work together. Technical integration usually sounds much easier on paper than in practice, so our program works out the details and promotes these complementary solutions which are available TODAY!

Are you a complementary vendor to Nlyte and wish to participate in the Ecosystem momentum and be an Nlyte Technology partner?

Join the Nlyte Technology Partner program and rapidly deliver complementary value to the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) marketplace. Nlyte technology partners can develop their products and solutions to meet Nlyte integration standards via the NgageAPI™ data services integration interface.

If you are interested in becoming an Nlyte Partner, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you.

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