Workload Asset Management Software

Optimize for performance, efficiency, and continuity

Beyond the facilities, computing devices, networking, and software is the workload. The workloads supported by these assets are what are critical to any organization. These assets are the framework that supports the workload output, as such they continuously need to be optimized and maintained.

Nlyte solutions deliver optimization to infrastructure operations, technology asset management, and improved decision making and performance across the entire technology stack running your organization’s most critical workloads.


Workload Asset Management

How Nlyte Simplifies Workload Asset Management

Workload Monitoring & Management

Optimization to infrastructure operations 
Mission-critical workloads require the optimal environment to perform their best. Nlyte helps you manage power and cooling and provides contingency plans for outages. Floor and cable planning help ensure you are maximizing real estate and staying ahead of future changes.

Technology Asset Management
From receiving dock to decommissioning, Nlyte discovers and tracks all of your technology to maximize inventory, ensure accurate financial accounting, monitor for security and noncompliance risks. Nlyte’s Single Source of Truth database keeps your CMDB, Finance, and other BI systems current and in sync.

Improvements to decision making and performance
Nlyte’s ability to see all assets across your enter compute infrastructure, catalog and normalize the data, then apply advanced analytics delivers powerful information to optimize workload placement. Machine learning’s AI enables predictive management for infrastructure decisions before failures or increases in bandwidth demand.

Key Features

Data Center Infrastructure Management
Technology Asset Management
Machine Learning
  • Power and cooling management
  • Space Planning
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Automated Workflow Management
  • Remote location resources for Colocation and Edge computing
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Comprehensive discovery across entire compute infrastructure stack
  • Security and Risk Management monitoring
  • Software Asset Management
  • Bilateral communications with IT and Business Systems
  • Single source of Truth
  • Hybrid compute asset optimization
  • Workload placement optimization
  • Multi-variant Maintenance and Failure Prediction
  • Alarm and alert management

Increase the Efficiency of Your Computing Infrastructure

About Nlyte Software

Secure • Reliable • Intelligent • Automated • Efficient

We enable teams to improve how they manage their computing infrastructure across their entire organization – from the laptops to desktops to data centers, from colocation to edge to IoT devices. Using Nlyte’s monitoring, management, workflow, and analytics capabilities, organizations can automate how they manage their computing infrastructure to reduce costs, improve uptime, and ensure compliance with organizational policies.