Company Overview

Driving Digital Transformation

Nlyte Software helps teams manage their hybrid infrastructure throughout their entire organization– from desktops, networks, servers, to IoT devices – across facilities, data centers, colocation, edge, and the cloud.

Using Nlyte’s monitoring, management, inventory, workflow, and analytics capabilities, organizations can automate how they manage their hybrid infrastructure to reduce costs, improve uptime, and ensure compliance with organizational policies.


Largest most sophisticated Data Centers in the World

40+ Federal Agencies use Nlyte to support their critical infrastructure
and comply with the DCOI mandate


Ranked highest in Gartner’s DCIM Magic Quadrant
and has a 98% customer retention rate.

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Most Secure, Scalable, Open

Enterprise-grade software suite focused on your infrastructure security:

  • Role and location-based access controls
  • Uses an Active Directory
  • FIPS, TLS1.2, SAML2.0 certified
  • Verified by VeriCode
  • Compliant with The Department of Homeland Security, Continuous Diagnostic Level 1


  • Open, flexible platform
    • No restrictions on limited or vendor specific protocols
    • Based on Microsoft allowing you the ability to manage upgrades and security patches to meet your operational standards
    • Flexible web-based architecture that accommodates changes in real-time
    • Supports all vendor hardware from power strips, chillers, servers, and cell towers.
  • First to provide out-of-the-box connectors to all the major ITSM, Virtualization, BMS, Facilities, and device vendors
  • The only DCIM solution to provide full network mapping showing an application workload’s servers, network connections, and power path.
  • Asset discovery for DCIM Automation is agentless; automatically capturing and populating information.
  • Communicates with any networked device no matter what protocol
  • The leader in Federal DCOI compliance reporting and became a major contributor to the writing of the latest M19-19 mandate.
  • Teamed up with IBM Watson IoT to deliver machine learning and advanced analytics (AI) for predictive power failure, thermal capacity management, and device maintenance.
  • Reaches deeper into the infrastructure and farther out to the Hybrid Cloud than any other DCIM vendor.
  • Recognizing the expansion of Edge computing and the limited mobility of trained resources, Nlyte introduced Augmented Reality to DCIM management empowering remote experts to direct local staff to make on-premise changes quickly and easily.


Making Data Centers better through Integration
Over 100 various connectors making it the most flexible DCIM platform and no restrictive limitations to reports and dashboards.








Nlyte Software started in 2004 by infrastructure managers focused on finding better ways to manage the complexity of data center resources, assets, and staff in order to reduce costs and mitigate risk. Over 15 years later, Nlyte Software is providing the 11th generation of products to hundreds of customers worldwide. With a 98% customer retention rate, we pride ourselves on being laser-focused on the needs of our clients, ensuring they derive maximum business value from our solutions. Nlyte was the first to deliver the industry’s benchmark for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) that helps organizations around the world manage their compute infrastructure including data centers, colocation, managed service, edge, and IoT. Our next generation Technology Asset Management (TAM) solutions enable teams to find, inventory and manage their software and hardware assets with a much lower total cost of ownership versus legacy systems.

Nlyte’s software solutions go beyond just managing infrastructure to empower infrastructure personnel to perform their job functions more efficiently – all while synchronizing information and activities to other systems that depend on accurate physical infrastructure information (e.g. BMS, ITSM, ERP and other BI systems).