Nlyte Energy Optimizer

Data Center Energy Management

The Scalable and All-Knowing Infrastructure Power Management System

Nlyte Energy Optimizer provides management and tracking of the data center power chain. It is highly scalable, protocol based, and hardware agnostic. Energy Optimizer improves energy consumption, reduces risk in the power chain, and validates remote site performance.

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How Energy Optimizer Helps You

Risk Mitigation
Ensure resilience and reduce downtime with an interactive, dynamic power chain analysis tool. Simulate power chain failures and gain insight into power capacity and availability.

Energy and Cost Optimization
Dynamic real-time heat maps and comprehensive capacity utilization tools manage costs today and have the information needed to plan and build for the future.

All the information across the global compute infrastructure is available for analysis and reporting. Provides for increased collaboration across multiple teams with a rich set of historical data.

Financial Accountability
A rich data repository is available to ITSM and other BI applications to ensure accurate financial reporting within the IT organization and across business units and customers.

Systems Integration
Real-time power, temperature and other monitored data is shared across multiple teams and applications. Improves operational efficiency through pre-built connectors to all major vendors, and customizations are available through extensive API’s.

*Nlyte Energy Optimizer

Common Use Cases for Energy Optimizer

Power Failure Simulation and Prevention
Energy Capacity Planning
Energy Optimization and Cost Reduction
Branch Circuit Monitoring
Virtual Power Distribution Unit
Improve Labor Expenses
ITSM Integration
Identify weakness in contingency planning and ensure maximum uptime. Simulate power failures to ensure redundancy and harden critical energy systems.


  • Increase Uptime
  • Identify potential failure points
  • Simulate power chain failures
  • Validate redundancy
  • Understand impact of device failure
  • End-to-end visibility of the power chain
  • Eliminate unused power infrastructure
  • Monitor remote and edge compute facilities
Gain greater insight and ability to manage energy needs today and tomorrow.


  • Ensure power and cooling are operated at highest efficiency
  • Obtain real-time data of PUE and data center infrastructure efficiency DCiE
  • Track performance and efficiency from circuits through the entire compute infrastructure
  • Instant real-time and trending performance
  • Plan future energy needs accurately and quickly
Improve control of energy and cooling resources by unlocking unused and under-utilized capacity to maximize your ROI.


  • Manage performance and get analytics to optimize energy efficiency
  • Identify inefficient use of space, power, and cooling in real-time
  • Unlock unused capacity to get the most out of existing assets
  • Postpone or even eliminate new data center investments
  • Safely raise data center temperatures ensuring no hotspots
Reduce energy costs while tracking key metrics of energy usage.


  • Enable macro level monitoring and tracking of energy
  • Improve data center energy efficiency and capacity planning
  • Acquire unique A&B “teaming” for real-time loads across the electrical equation
  • Ensure redundancy and eliminate built-in overhead provisioning
  • Easily calculate carbon emissions
  • Ease phase and load balancing
  • Provide building operators up-to-date work information on panel schedule work
Enable software to eliminate the need for expensive intelligent PDUs. Access vital information about data center power consumption at a fraction of the price.


  • Increase accuracy of changes occurring on the data center floor
  • Measure variable cost of assets and true cost of service
  • Increase insight and value provided by ITSM solutions
Free key personnel to focus on higher-value data center and business initiatives. Enable facility and IT personnel to collaborate more easily and do their jobs more quickly.


  • Reduce time to perform tasks with accurate data center resource information
  • Reduce personnel costs to maintain data center
  • Rapidly place new assets without performing manual checks
  • Eliminate confusion of the available resources on the data center floor
  • Improve insights on operational costs
Provide power, environmental, and alarm information with ITSM systems for more accurate operations and costing with prebuilt connectors.


  • Bridge the divide within IT organizations
  • Maintain accurate, real-time information about IT and data center assets
  • Improved SLA delivery with streamlined processes and improved analytics data
  • Connect to ITSM solution: BMC, ServiceNow, HPE, among others
  • Increase insight and value provided by ITSM solutions
  • Increase accuracy of changes occurring on the data center floor
  • Measure variable costs of assets and true cost of service

Data Center Energy Management Solutions


Nlyte Platinum Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

A full end to end, doc to decom solution for the entire physical compute infrastructure including Data Center, colocations, and edge computing.

Nlyte Data Center Service Management (DCSM)

Unify ITIL process management, ITSM systems, and DCIM together for a unified workflow process improving automation, efficiency of disaggregated teams, and lowering operational costs across the physical compute infrastructure.

Nlyte Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) on Demand Solution

Delivers FITARA compliant monitoring and reporting from departmental to Office of Management and Budget.