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Introduction to the Hybrid Cloud

Data Center Management Software and Hybrid Cloud Management Initiatives

• Optimization of Infrastructure and workloads
• Asset Lifecycle Management

• Power and Space Capacity Management
• Workflow Automation

• Single source of data for business systems and teams
• Security, risk, audit, compliance, and reporting

With these Nlyte Solutions


Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud promises to optimize application workloads, so they meet their performance levels without over provisioning infrastructure or throttling users.  The hybrid cloud allows organizations to place their application workloads in locations that provide the best balance between performance and cost.

Workload Asset Management

This next generation solution enables organizations to optimize the placement of application workloads through intelligent insight and comprehensive management of underlying infrastructure assets. By using the holistic approach provided by Nlyte Workload Asset Management organizations acquire an intelligent decision-making system that helps improve workload performance, resiliency, continuity, and cost-effectiveness.

Nlyte Platinum DCIM Solution

A full end to end, doc to decom solution for the entire physical compute infrastructure including data center, colocations, and edge computing.

Integrated Data Center Management (IDCM)

Integrating systems, from buildings to servers to applications, to provide greater efficiency, streamlined management and improved insight, unifying the data center ecosystem.

Nlyte Colocation Solution

Created especially for Multi-Tenant Data Centers, Nlyte Colocation enables providers to securely monitor and report power, space and capacity and provide reporting and SLA assurance for hundreds of tenants.

Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI)

Delivers FITARA compliant monitoring and reporting from departmental to Office of Management and Budget for US Federal agencies.

Nlyte Data Center Service Management (DCSM)

Unify ITIL process management, ITSM systems, and DCIM together for a unified workflow process improving automation, efficiency of disaggregated teams, and lowering operational costs across the entire physical compute infrastructure.


Nlyte’s Compute Infrastructure Management Suite improves compliance by providing the ability to track within the physical infrastructure where the data resides, whether it is encrypted and by what method, the means in which the data is transported, and who has interacted with the data.

Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)

Ensure the integrity of physical assets by providing a baseline of all assets, power systems and processes in your datacenter or colocation facilities. It improves management and strengthens the chain-of-custody of all data center assets from procurement through decommissioning.

For these Use Cases

  • Hybrid Infrastructure Management
  • Workload Optimization
  • Edge and lights out infrastructure management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Technology refresh, migrations, and consolidations
  • ITSM change management
  • Desktop / Laptop software audit and compliance
  • Automation
  • Cost savings and ROI improvement
  • Operational efficiency
  • SLA management
  • Risk Reduction and compliance
  • Chargeback and cost allocation
  • CMDB integration
  • Bi-directional communication with facilities, IT, and business systems
  • Workflow efficiency and resource cost reduction
  • Power monitoring
  • Cooling management
  • Power failure simulation and prevention
  • Energy capacity planning
  • Energy optimization and cost reduction
  • Branch circuit monitoring
  • Capacity planning
  • Predictive maintenance