Nlyte prides itself on being easy to do business with.

We have built the most customizable DCIM software on the market. While deployments are easy and done out of the box, each instance is highly customizable for your organization’s exact requirements. This holds true for our pricing – Nlyte offers pricing that works for your organization based on the value we provide. Our SaaS or perpetual pricing can be based on the number of racks or assets monitored or total power of your facilities – all depending on what works for your organization. Product bundles such as Platinum, Colocation, and Hyperscale along with out-of-the-box business and IT connectors offer further pricing granularity for your organization.

Nlyte’s pricing will accommodate your business process and the dynamics of your organization’s data center infrastructure. We offer subscription pricing in support of the IT industry trend of moving from a traditional perpetual model, allowing you to shift CapEx to OpEx. Technology such as virtualization and hyperconverged solutions are improving compute density. With density comes lower rack counts and switching to subscription could lower long term costs. As your organization evolves its hybrid compute strategy, things such as moves to the cloud will lower rack count and subscription enables you to lower annual costs. Whether you are expanding your original Nlyte deployment, bringing on new data centers, or repatriating applications from the cloud the incremental cost of subscription is lower than perpetual licensing. Adding modules or upgrading to Platinum will be less expensive and will not require capital expenditures versus operating expense. Let us know if you are looking to further reduce costs – we also offer Nlyte as a SaaS solution. Contact your Account Executive for the best approach for your business.

Nlyte Hosting Service is an extension of Nlyte’s Enterprise On Demand (SaaS) offering and gives customers flexibility on ways to purchase, configure and manage the solution.

For hosting information or a pricing plan to meet your organization’s needs please contact us