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Is Your Agency DCOI Compliant?

Nlyte’s Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) solution enables CIOs to rapidly become compliant with the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

This FedRAMP compliant dedicated hosting environment will help federal agencies  execute their “cloud-first” IT modernization priorities while consolidating and optimizing their facilities, all with the security the U.S. Federal Government requires.

Nlyte has been a trusted advisor to over 40 Federal agencies for their Data Center Management and DCOI M16-19 compliance.  Nlyte continues to spearhead the revisions in the DCOI M19-19 mandate and partner with agencies on their CloudFirst and Modernization initiatives.

Aligning with the Federal OMB

The updated DCOI mandate along with 2 other Executive Orders, Cloud Smart,
and Application Rationalization form the “Iron Triangle” of Government modernization and optimization. 

The Technology Modernization Fund enables Federal Agencies to accelerate the DCOI, Application Rationalization, and Cloud First initiatives by automating the collection and reporting of all of key data centers and applications metrics. The solution and corresponding services provide technology to meet an Agency’s goals.

This effort is based on a proven technology and will enable an Agency to focus on cost savings strategies, leveraging an existing investment or investing in a new DCIM implementation, reduce workloads, automating manual processes, greater visibility and better decision making for further cost savings, security and risk management compliance, complete asset lifecycle management, real-time monitoring for data centers, AI and Machine Learning for data centers, and automated discovery of hardware and applications.


How Nlyte Helps You with DCOI* and your CloudFirst Modernization Objectives

Nlyte is the lynchpin to the Iron Triangle:

Data Center Optimization and Consolidation
Nlyte provides the tools to meter, manage, and report on required metrics including data center availability, power usage effectiveness (PUE), energy metering, data center virtualization, and underutilized servers. Automated data collection provides dashboards and tiered report card reporting.

Nlyte allows agencies to manage and strengthen the chain-of-custody of all data center assets from procurement through decommissioning. Nlyte provides a holistic understanding and baseline of all of the assets that are connected to the network and then a centralized policy engine drives automated workflows at the physical level of the IT infrastructure. Nlyte becomes the foundation to determine what assets could be at risk and which are being modified, moved, and decommissioned. It also allows you to see who is managing them or if they are unmanaged, and if compliant to mandated standards.

Cost Savings and Avoidance
Nlyte’s DCOI solution optimizes energy efficiency at the facility level, tracks and manages IT and facility assets, and provides operational-cost transparency features for chargeback. Nlyte becomes your “single pane of truth” to optimize costs reduction now and with future modeling without compromising business and security priorities.

*Data Center Optimization Initiative

Reporting and Dashboards

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dcoi energy metering
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