Solutions for Digital Transformation, Competitive Advantage, Enhanced Customer Experience, and Risk Mitigation

Gaining and maintaining users is the prime directive of any telecommunications organization. To achieve this digital transformation and adoption along with improved customer experience need to be the top priorities. Business process simplification, technology delivery transformation, security design, and enabling a collaborative workforce enable business growth and efficiency. Nlyte is front and center in helping achieve these priorities through asset discovery and lifecycle management, workflow automation, and infrastructure and workload optimization.

Sample of Nlyte's Telecom Customers

TELECOM CASE STUDY:  Nlyte was the starting point to consolidate and modernize all of Verizon’s data center acting as the framework and providing the single source of truth.

Where Nlyte Helps Telecom CIOs address their priorities

Digital Transformation

Knowing everything in your environment is the first step, modeling growth plans for space, power, and cooling is essential in not overprovisioning resources, real cost analysis enables informed decision making for workload placement across the hybrid compute environment.

Security and Risk Mitigation

Nlyte’s automated workflow management reduces the human error factor. Auto-discovery, workflow validation, and asset delta reporting alert security to unapproved network connections and potential security risks.

Customer Experience

Real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics from machine learning ensure SLAs are met and reduce the risk of data access and service disruption.


Prebuilt connectors to most major Facility, IT, and Business systems ensure all teams are leveraging Nlyte as the single source of truth enhancing visibility. Automated workflows ensure all teams are coordinated and eliminate conflicting and redundant activities.

Process Simplification

Automated workflow, out of box and customizable reports, bilateral communication with facility, IT, and BI systems streamline communication, reduce manual activities, and digitize and make available thousands of data points.

Nlyte Solutions for Telecommunication Organizations


Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)


Machine Learning


Data Center Infrastructure and Systems Management (DCIM and DCSM)