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Connect Consistently – Single Source of Truth

Nlyte is your organization’s single source of truth for asset and energy management. It ensures that IT and business systems have accurate and validated asset information, along with real-time power, cooling, and system utilization data. There is an extensive list of out of the box connectors for quick and complete bilateral communication with all your critical systems including, ITSM, CMDB, Virtualization, Finance, and more.

Nlyte Connectors Eliminate:

  • Additional development costs
  • Delays in implementation
  • Risk in future development support
  • Future scalability concerns

Build versus Buy eBook

When integrating a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution with your existing systems, a choice must be made between the use of engineered custom coding or an off-the-shelf connector. To consider in this decision is the time to develop, cost to maintain, risk of developer continuity, and the future scalability of the home-grown solution. These choices have a dramatic and lasting impact on the long-term success of your DCIM project and the total cost of ownership for IT as a whole.

With this complimentary eBook, you will learn:

  • The real total cost of ownership of a DCIM integration
  • What flexibility you gain with a framework-based integration
  • The supportability and business continuity pros and cons of each approach
  • The overall intricacies of enterprise-class integrations

While all Nlyte connectors and products are ready out-of-the-box, REST API’s are available to enhance reporting and allow for interfacing to additional systems.

  • Microsoft SCCM Connector
    The Nlyte Asset Explorer purpose-built connector for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) enables IT organizations to perform Discovery, Mapping, and Reporting Reconciliation against the SCCM data base. This connector helps close the gaps with Microsoft’s SCCM tool that include scattered security controls, management server overhead, and inefficient reporting engines and dashboards.
  • CMDB Integration
    Your CMDB knows what’s in your data center, and what resources it needs. Nlyte knows where each asset is, where it is in its lifecycle, and what will replace it and when. Nlyte supercharges your CMDB for better capacity planning and asset lifecycle management.
  • Change Management Software
    Account for the physical impact of change by tying ITSM change management software systems together with Nlyte’s DCIM software solution to truly improve service levels and agility.
  • Virtualization Connectors
    Virtualization is driving higher and higher server utilization in today’s data centers and while computing capacity is being checked, rack power and cooling capacities are not – exposing your data center to needless shut down risk.
  • Other Connectors
    Deploying a robust DCIM solution is only part of your success. Eliminate silo’d views by connecting power and server management services to your Nlyte DCIM suite. Improve visibility and communication delivering a comprehensive single source of truth by implementing prebuilt connectors to widely used data center management tools.