Edge Computing

Edge computing allows organizations to place infrastructure in remote locations to deliver new applications that take advantage of locally generated data to improve operations, services, experiences and products.
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There are multiple applications from Enterprise technologies like manufacturing, oil and gas, and cell towers.  IT transaction from the retail and finance sectors. And there are millions of IoT connection points from cars, facility sensors, and home control devices. Also, the emerging use cases like Fog computing, Software defined networking, Predictive Maintenance, and Blockchain drive the demand for edge computing infrastructure.

Nlyte on the Edge

Nlyte delivers monitoring, insight, and control to your edge computing locations.  Nlyte has evolved its Data Center Infrastructure Management software (DCIM) to integrate with Building Management Systems (BMS) to provide a management solution that covers your entire critical computing infrastructure across the Hybrid Cloud.

  • Discovery of network connected assets and their dependencies
  • Asset lifecycle to manage inventory and capacity planning
  • Power and cooling monitoring and management
  • Real-time and predictive alarming
  • Remote power control and augmented reality service support
  • Analytics for predictive maintenance and workload optimization

Nlyte Asset Optimizer, Nlyte Energy Optimizer and Nlyte Asset Explorer integrate with our out-of-the-box connectors to technology partner like Automated Logic, ServiceNow, BMC, VMware and many others, provide the end to end management needed to support multiple edge sites as well as the core data center infrastructure.


Related Edge Nlyte Products


Nlyte Asset Optimizer (NAO)

[workload / compute assets / resources]
Workflow Automation
Communication center

Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO)

[mechanicals / power / cooling]
Energy efficiency
Resource optimization
Risk mitigation

Product Specifics

Nlyte Asset Optimizer
Nlyte Energy Optimizer with Command


  • Reports and dashboards for specific locations and consolidated views
  • ITSM and BMS integration for end to end workflow management
  • Space planning and capacity management
  • Augmented Reality to support remote locations virtually


  • Power and cooling monitoring from facility to workload
  • Remote power cycling with Nlyte Command
  • Real-time and predictive alert and alarm management with automated workflows
  • Machine Learning to deliver predictive asset failure notification and maintenance scheduling