Nlyte Asset Optimizer

Data Center Asset Lifecycle Management & Capacity Planning Software

Nlyte Asset Optimizer is an open and scalable software solution that provides automation and efficiency to asset lifecycle management, capacity planning, audit, and compliance tracking. Asset Optimizer easily manages assets from receiving dock to decommissioning globally or rack by rack, in a data center, colo, or edge facility. It simplifies space and energy planning and easily connects to ITSM and other BI applications.


How Nlyte Asset Optimizer Helps You

Nlyte Asset Optimizer helps you automate the digital transformation of your entire data center infrastructure

Reduce Resource Costs

  • Optimize space
  • Get assets working faster
  • Eliminate underutilized and inefficient assets

Increase Efficiency of Personnel

  • Automate workflow tasks
  • Eliminate redundant and manual tasks
  • Improve communication between different groups

Enhance Agility Responding to Business Needs

  • Respond quickly to move, add, change, delete requests
  • Quickly deliver audit, compliance, and finance reporting
  • Free up personnel from housekeeping tasks for more strategic initiatives
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Common Use Cases for Asset Optimizer

Asset Lifecycle Management
Workflow Automation
Operational Efficiency
Capacity Planning
Migration, Consolidation, Tech Refresh
Systems Integration
Audit and Compliance
Cost Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Maximize the production value of your assets over time. End-to-end / “doc to decom” asset lifecycle management insures accurate knowledge of all assets and locations.

Workflow Automation

Execute changes more efficiently, optimize resources and personnel with measurable, repeatable processes and improve staff efficiency.


  • Respond faster to resource allocation and organizational needs
  • Reduce conflict and errors, ensure processes are consistent for compliance management
  • Free staff to focus on strategic projects for the organization

Operational Efficiency

Support cross-team assignment and reporting for shared tasks. Extend ITIL and COBIT adoption without additional development or services.


  • Automate workflow and other manual tasks
  • Consistently execute move, add, change, delete orders
  • Optimize facility resources and accurately plan future needs

Capacity Planning

Optimize space, energy, and asset utilization.


  • Identify current usage and future needs
  • Balance resources across the entire compute infrastructure
  • Make strategic decisions on current and future placement of workloads

Migration, Consolidation, Tech Refresh

Know what space, power, and cooling are needed, ensure changes are necessary and executed efficiently.


  • Dynamically move assets around the data center to optimize space, power, and cooling
  • See all assets by rack, room, row, or facility
  • Pre-stage and set workflows in advance of major moves

Systems Integration

Prebuilt connectors for all major IT, facility, and business applications, CMDB, ITSM, Virtualization.


  • Unify communication across the organization working from a single source of truth
  • Plug and play out-of-the-box connectors quickly establish communication with other systems
  • Customize to meet any organization’s need with extensive APIs

Audit and Compliance

Complete logging (when, what, who, etc.) of all changes occurring across the data center infrastructure for every asset supports rigorous reporting requirements.


  • Deliver reports and dashboards for financial, regulatory, and SLA requests
  • Share information across IT and business systems from a single source of truth
  • Reduce reporting time from days and weeks to minutes

Cost Management

Automated monitoring and reporting reduce time, improve accuracy, lowering risk and associated costs. Real-time asset reporting ensures accurate expense allocation. Immediate recognition of new asset means they depreciate in the rack instead of a closet.


  • Accurately account asset costs by user/customer
  • Efficiently use space by improving density and eliminating unused assets
  • Automate manual tasks reducing personnel overhead

Lifecycle Management Add-Ons

Nlyte Physical Inventory
Provides real-time, asset inventory audits for compliance and yearly maintenance reconciliation

Nlyte Goods Receiving
Identifies new assets upon arrival to ensure timely deployment

Nlyte Integrator
Provides an interface to rack-based intelligent power strips, floor mounted PDU’s and UPS systems, environmental sensors, and other data center infrastructure devices


  • ITSM (Change Management, CMDB, Incident, Service Request)
  • Virtualization Connectors


  • Power and Facilities Monitoring
  • Other Nlyte Connectors (30+)

Nlyte Solutions


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

A full end to end, doc to decom solution for the entire physical compute infrastructure including Data Center, colocations, and edge computing.

Asset Integrity Monitoring

Ensure the integrity of physical assets by providing a baseline of all assets, power systems and processes in your data center or colocation facilities. It improves management and strengthens the chain-of-custody of all data center assets from procurement through decommissioning.

Data Center Service Management (DCSM) Software

Unify ITIL process management, ITSM systems, and DCIM together for a unified workflow process improving automation, efficiency of disaggregated teams, and lowering operational costs across the entire physical compute infrastructure.

DCOI on Demand Solution

Delivers FITARA compliant monitoring and reporting from departmental to Office of Management and Budget.

Colocation Solution

Provides collocutors the ability to provide reporting and SLA assurance to tenants on power, space, and capacity.

Command Center

Enables operators to control facility and IT devices locally or remotely. It visualizes, manages, and reports on the compute infrastructure across the global organization.