Utilities Industry DCIM Solutions

Risk reduction, increased availability, compliance, and transparency

When it comes to offering utility services to millions of customers, there's a lot of data involved. Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) becomes essential to run the data centers effectively and ensure the reliability of assessing critical data.

With the help of new technology, utilities can deliver services more reliably, and more sustainably. It also means that massive amounts of real-time data will be generated. This puts a lot of pressure on data centers. Downtime as a result of an issue in the data center eats into the financial returns spent on building the infrastructure. Without access to real-time data, it's difficult to maximize resource delivery efficiency. Worse yet, it might also risk disrupting services such as electricity, gas, and water. With so much at stake, not using a reliable DCIM solution is asking for trouble.

How DCIM Helps Avoid Downtime

DCIM maintains the data center environment similar to that of a smart utility infrastructure. It does this through the aggregation of many thousands of data sets. Sensors, electricity, temperature, and humidity monitors installed through the facility are constantly collecting data. This information is then funneled into DCIM, sorted, and digested on a computer screen as easy-to-understand visualizations. This comprehensive view of the complex data center infrastructure reduces the risk of being caught off-guard by an issue that might lead to downtime.

Sample of Utility Providers Using Nlyte Software

UTILITIES CASE STUDY:  Nlyte helped SSE with transparency, asset monitoring, capacity planning, risk reduction and the extension of facility lifespan, giving them a single pane view, for both the facilities and IT teams, of both facilities.

How DCIM Helps Utility Companies

Predictive Analytics and Optimization

In addition to normal demand base growth and technology refresh, external factors such as weather can greatly affect risk, demand, and service performance. Nlyte’s predictive analytics with our machine learning help operators prepare for events in advance and eliminate being caught off guard and slow reaction times.

Remote Site Management

From cell tower, wind turbine, to remote sensor, Nlyte can detect and monitor the status of remote sites and IoT devices.

Change Management

Simple human errors can disrupt thousands of people’s service. Nlyte automates and coordinates workflows to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Nlyte then validates that changes occurred per change management guidelines. Additionally, Nlyte can notify about non-compliant and or non-authorized changes across the technology portfolio, avoiding unintended and malicious disruptions

Audit and Compliance

Out-of-the-box reports along with customization tools ensure that performance, change management, usage, and user access can all be reported to regulating entities quickly and with the push of a button, eliminating hundreds of man hours and inaccurate data sets.

Solutions for Utility Companies


Nlyte's DCIM Solution 


Asset Integrity Monitoring


Data Center Service Management (DCSM)


Technology Asset Management (TAM)