DCIM Solutions for Tech Companies

Achieving Your Infrastructure Goals

Accelerating Growth and Improving User Experience

Technology CIOs are focused on a few key goals:

  • Respond to the market faster
  • Remain relevant
  • Lead the charge in their domain
  • Improve user experience
  • Innovate faster
  • Improve user interaction
  • Leverage artificial intelligence

The challenge is to do all of this in a lean and efficient manner through automation and crossover communication. Nlyte provides several solutions to ensure that the needs of the infrastructure supporting the success of these goals are met.

Sample of High Tech Firms Using Nlyte Software

HIGH TECH CASE STUDY: Nlyte delivered with asset lifecycle management, real-time power information, and the customer’s favorite – workflow management.

Key Initiatives Nlyte Helps With

Modernize the Infrastructure

Systems age and performance drops yet applications and user demand require more from your infrastructure all the time. A comprehensive DCIM solution provides the insight into asset lifecycle and facility energy consumption. Leveraging the DCIM information, space planning and energy consumption models allow for maximizing the life of your investment and help systematically model future changes. As a side benefit, this data is shared across facilities, CMDB, and business systems like ERP. This sharing of information allows for automated workflows, up-to-date business systems and reduces redundant work across disparate teams.

Deliver a Single Source of Truth for Enhanced Collaboration

Organizations are making the shift to implementing tools that make working together as a team and sharing information easier and more intuitive. This rise in collaboration technology helps simplify and streamline real-time communications, erases physical boundaries among teams, reduces operational costs, and enables a more mobile workforce. Nlyte brings together ITIL processes, ITSM, BSM, and business systems through its Platinum DCIM solution. Nlyte provides a single source of truth sharing, asset lifecycle data, automated workflow status, and facilities vital statistics, to ensure efficient cross communication, consistent reliable data, and reduce redundant or conflicting work orders.

Make Security a Priority

Security and risk go hand in hand. An updated, more agile infrastructure is one that can be more secure. Cybersecurity was at the top of everyone’s list for the past few years. In fact, analysts predict IT security spending will top $170 billion by 2020. Protecting your data and networks from intrusion begins with investing in world-class hardware and software that mitigates risk.

Determine optimal workload placement within the hybrid compute infrastructure

Today’s compute infrastructure incorporates orchestrated and unplanned workload placement. Cloud, colocation, and physical data center placement of an organization’s collective IT workload is common. However, improving cost, efficiency, and user performance requires the ability to assess, model, and execute optimal workload placement. Nlyte provides several tools from classic DCIM space and energy planning, to AI Machine Learning for energy optimization, and AppTracker to understand user, system, and application usage.

Nlyte Solutions for the Tech Industry


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Technology Asset Management


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