Getting Started with Data Center Service Management (DCSM)

Posted 02.11.16 in DCSM Strategy by Nlyte Software

If you are reading this, chances are you have already implemented data center infrastructure management (DCIM) or similar data center solutions. DCIM’s core goal is to automate the management of data center infrastructure. What DCIM has done for managing the physical assets of the data center now also includes managing the workflow processes with the data center while integrating this physical information with the logical or the virtual assets of the IT department. This new, higher level of oversight, collaboration and integration is referred to as data center service management (DCSM).

getting started with dcsmWhile DCIM is effective, IT organizations need to go a step further to fully integrate their data center operations into their IT service management (ITSM) processes. DCSM bridges this gap, enabling organizations to manage infrastructure, people and IT integration within the data center and give ITSM complete control from the app down to the concrete. DCSM connects the logical business information that is in ITSM systems with the physical assets in the data center to ensure that the data center’s workflows do not occur outside of an organization’s ITSM information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) processes. Without DCSM, organizations cannot leverage their ITSM ITIL process to identify the physical locations of racks, servers and blades; how they are being used; where they are interconnected; and how that impacts other resources. Such incomplete and inaccurate information undermines the investment in their ITSM, increases business risk and makes it more time-consuming and harder for employees to do their jobs.

It’s more than managing infrastructure….. It’s about cost effectively delivering a service.

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