Nlyte Colocation

Nlyte’s DCIM solution custom-made for colocation, hosting or managed cloud providers benefits both the hosting company and its tenants. With real-time monitoring the provider is empowered to discover stranded data center power and space capacity to sell for added revenue, while tenants enjoy transparency into their own usage information.

Nlyte Colocation benefits tenants…

  • Enables tenants to safely view their own power, space, capacity and usage information, without compromising the security of other tenants
  • Accurate billing based on actual power usage effectiveness
  • Provides proof of SLA compliance
  • Enables sub-lease and offers DCIM benefits to their customers

…and providers

  • A DCIM solution is a great differentiator in a crowded and competitive colocation market
  • Real-time data center monitoring enables providers to locate and sell stranded capacity for increased revenue
  • Real-time power information enables risk reduction and power savings, which can be passed on to tenants
  • SLA proof at your fingertips
  • Provide tenants individual, secure access to their information
  • Ability to separate the facilities into zones for individual tracking and accurate billing
  • Alerts inform the provider when a tenant is reaching a pre-defined limit
  • Empower the sales team with real-time space availability reports
  • Power trending reports help in long-term capacity planning and forecasting

Colocation Room

Colocation Room

Nlyte’s Colocation Edition enables the user to see a comprehensive location overview, or drill down to the device level. It also allows the manager to separate rooms into zones for each tenant, making billing more accurate.

How it works:

Nlyte Colocation Edition brings comprehensive power monitoring and robust reporting to the colocation and hosted data center sector. Real-time information about power and alerting enable colocation operators to run their facilities more safely and efficiently.

Real-time analytics are driven into ITSM ecosystems ensuring IT service continuity, providing unmatched visibility for both the tenant and host.

The ability to see and reserve available space and power capacity empowers your sales team to generate more revenue.

In short, Nlyte Colocation Edition provides a single pane of glass for all your colocation monitoring, alarming and reporting needs.

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