Nlyte Simplifies Multi-Vendor Powerchain Management, Enabling the Industry’s Most Comprehensive View of Power

Industry’s most robust, multi-vendor intelligent power strip capability, previously available as an option, now included with the Nlyte core offering for all customers

Menlo Park, Calif. – January 31, 2013 – Nlyte Software, the leader in modern Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), today announced it is providing enterprises with the capability to seamlessly integrate multi-vendor intelligent power strips into the Nlyte data center asset lifecycle management framework. Previously available as an add-on, this integration feature is now included for all customers as part of the core software platform.

Intelligent rack-based PDUs, also known as Smart Power Strips, are the mainstay in powering modern data center racks. These power devices distribute facility power to the required in-rack power outlets and provide the intelligent management of these outlets. They’re available from a wide variety of manufacturers each presenting their respective metric information in distinct Management Information Bases (MIBs). Nlyte provides the industry’s broadest support of these MIBs and presents the data in the Nlyte contextual repository.

Nlyte’s data repository manages the contextual relationships of all attributes within an enterprise’s data center, and these interrelationships are in context of all other assets, applications, and connections of networks and power – giving IT a true view and understanding into what is happening in their data center as no other DCIM solution can. This unique understanding is leveraged by Nlyte’s platform to mitigate risk and optimize resources throughout the data center.

“For too long, the complexity of adding real-time power information to a management framework has been difficult as each power system required a unique and isolated management approach.  Consequently, valuable power performance information has gone unleveraged. Consolidated, real-time power measurement is critical for a blended and holistic view of the entire data center’s performance,” said Doug Sabella, President and CEO of Nlyte Software.“

“Nlyte is committed to providing the best solutions for managing data center complexities, giving Nlyte customers the ability to leverage their existing investments, and provides them the flexibility to choose the right intelligent power distribution product for each application in the future,” said Mark Harris, Nlyte Software’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy. We’re out-of-the-box, easy to integrate and flexible, regardless of the brand of smart power strip, including this feature as part of the overall Nlyte core offering is part of our focus to help our customers manage their data centers in alignment with their organization’s business objectives.”

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