Nlyte Software Debuts Nlyte 7.5

New Workflow Engine Brings Intelligent Business Process, Resource and Workflow Task Management into DCIM Suite
Being Demonstrated at Datacenter Dynamics Converged at Booth #64

Datacenter Dynamics Converged New York – New York, N.Y. – March 11, 2014 – Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company focused on the management and optimization of data centers, today introduced Nlyte 7.5with the industry’s most advanced workflow engine that tightly couples asset lifecycle management with project resource management while adding superior ease-of-use and interactivity, further solidifying Nlyte’s leadership in the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) market. These new capabilities further enable the customer to receive the fiscal benefits of proactive lifecycle management within the data center, improving IT efficiencies and productivity. Intelligent business process and resource management allows any asset and its lifecycle status to be linked to a workflow task and/or process from multiple access points within Nlyte.

“Based on IDC studies, most large datacenter managers value the increased process efficiencies gained with DCIM deployments more than they do the energy efficiencies. Solutions such as Nlyte’s new Workflow Manager, that address the need for a comprehensive process management solution, should be well received in a market that aspires to create a link between spending on IT and business value,” said Jennifer Koppy, Research Manager at IDC.

The Nlyte 7.5 Workflow Manager improves operational efficiency through the introduction of intelligent business process and resource management and enhanced task management. Progress in each project as it is made, can be tracked and compared to the original plan, resources can be allocated dynamically based on their unique availability, and work items can be pushed to individual users with prioritization.

“Nlyte 7.5 delivers on our continued vision to provide the industry’s leading DCIM platform, and it further delivers on our vision for helping customers achieve an efficient data center which are planned, built and documented with the same level of detail as the general ledger does in the accounting department,” said Robert Neave, co-founder and CTO of Nlyte Software. “This newest iteration allows any process to be captured or designed, modified, assigned, measured and reported, regardless of how complicated it is while each asset project can be viewed in the context of the data center as a complex system. Our customers tell us over and over that the biggest impact Nlyte has on their data center is the ability to manage the lifecycles of their assets for the purpose of capacity planning, efficiency and overall operational excellence. Nlyte 7.5 takes efficiency to the next level and provides our customers with the most advanced workflow and policy engine available in a DCIM solution.”

Key Benefits of Nlyte 7.5:

  • Optimizes your resources and personnel with measurable, repeatable intelligent processes tied directly to teams’ actual and scheduled/planned availability and workload.
  • Makes individuals more efficient by providing task focus and progress status.
  • Supports cross team assignment for tasks shared by multiple teams, for example, day and night shifts.
  • Directly generates instructions for task performers with detailed visual work orders for all data center asset types.
  • Helps you become more compliant with lower audit risk via exportable audit logging at the asset level.
  • Extends the adoption of ITIL and COBIT processes into the data center without any additional development or services.

Along with the major workflow enhancements, Nlyte 7.5 also includes new capabilities throughout the entire platform such as:

  • Audit logging for all changes throughout the entire Nlyte system.
  • Support for the latest active devices – such as network switches or blade servers – with SFP network media interfaces.

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