Scottish and Southern Energy to use nlyte for Server Consolidation Project

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) announced it will be using nlyte software suite to roll out the first phase of a nationwide data center migration project.

26 February 2009 – Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), a leading UK energy company, today announced it will be using Global DataCenter Management’s (GDCM) nlyte software suite to roll out the first phase of a nationwide data centre migration project.

The energy company has two existing data centres in the UK that are close to capacity. It had to optimise data centre space, increase power efficiency and improve cooling capabilities.  Originally purchased by SSE in 2008 for managing their existing data centre assets, nlyte’s new features for modelling the impact of data centre changes on available capacity and managing the planned migration of applications and assets made it the clear choice for this critical project.

Using nlyte, SSE is able to get a complete 360° view of its data centre estate and all associated connectivity, bringing new layers of real-time information to data centre operations. This allows data centre staff to make informed decisions about where to locate servers and in turn optimise capacity as well as enabling them to streamline operational processes.  Using its web-based graphical user interface, data centre managers can ensure efficient use of space and power by analysing actual, average and peak power consumption as well as compare actual consumption versus planned consumption.

“Migrating to new data centres can create many challenges for the team” said Simon Davis, SSE’s Data Centre Manager.  “Implementing nlyte has helped us in the planning process associated with the high rate of change within the data centre”.

“Through implementing nlyte SSE is now able to not only migrate smoothly to the new data centre and also has a consolidated view of its physical and virtual infrastructure,” said Michael Evans, CEO, GDCM.  “Rather than disparate, siloed pools of information that is spread across a number of spreadsheets and databases, Scottish and Southern Energy now has complete visibility of all assets in one centralised location.”

Scottish and Southern Energy is planning to conduct a second data centre migration in 2010.

GDCM has recently announced nlyte 5.0 that empowers data centre professionals to improve service delivery, reduce costs, eliminate risks associated with the high rate of change within the data centre, and enhance inter-departmental communication.