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Hundreds of the world’s largest companies within financial services, telecommunications, technology, retail, automotive, aerospace, industrials, utilities and internet leverage Nlyte’s DCIM to run their data center like a business. Nlyte was founded by data center professionals and never wants to lose sight of our vision of continually improving our product based on customer feedback.

See some of our customer success stories here.

Nlyte’s global client list includes:

  • Two of the 5 most valued companies in the world
  • Over 25 large financial institutions
  • One of the top 3 financial service providers
  • Two of the top 10 banks
  • One of the top 2 US telecommunications providers
  • Two of the top 10 technology companies
  • Three of the top 15 industrial companies
  • Three of the top 20 retailers
  • Three of the top 25 electricity and utility companies

Our client testimonials are reflective of improved governance, assured compliance and minimized risk, reduced energy consumption and future capital expenditure avoidance:


“By freeing up power and space in our data centers, we extended their lifetimes from a five-year capacity to a 15-year capacity.”

VP & GM of Data Center Operations,
PNC Financial Services


“When evaluating competitive tools, it was clear that Nlyte’s software would be the right solution to help us do this, by giving us a real-time dashboard view of all of our assets and connectivity across the new data centres.”

Data Centre Manager,
Scottish and Southern Energy


“Nlyte gives us an efficient way to drive down data center energy consumption through the optimal placement of data center assets and will be a key factor in our ability to achieve a carbon neutral footprint and an Energy Star rating.”

Data Center Operations Lead,


“It was clear that the Nlyte DCIM suite would be the right solution to support our goals, giving us a near real-time dashboard view of all of our assets.”

Data Center Manager,


“Nlyte will give us the capability to immediately find, manage and respond to power requirements, and it will also allow me to be more proactive with power, space and cooling. This allows the data center personnel to rack it and stack it 50% faster.”

VP of Global Data Center Operations,
CGI Group Inc


“It is vitally important that such a complex, public sector environment is managed in the most optimized environmentally friendly manner and Nlyte’s DCIM software helps us to do this.”

Data Centre Evangelist, Dutch Police Force
International Director, EMEA for Data Center Pulse


“The ease of use and simplicity of the Nlyte DCIM suite means tracking the continually changing assets inside our data centres is no longer a headache, as the entire data centre infrastructure is now being mapped and managed using a single version of the truth. With its intelligent DCIM technology, the Nlyte Suite enables us to understand every element of our data centre environment from energy use by client down to individual asset efficiency. We now operate in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner, while also delivering quality services to our clients.”

European Data Centre Manager,


“The Nlyte DCIM suite is the fundamental backbone of Computacenter’s data centre management strategy and a key enabler of our cloud-based IT services.”

Head of Data Centre Services,


“The DCIM Project Lifecycle Management functionality allows us to easily orchestrate the end-to-end process for deploying new assets in the data center. It handles prototyping the deployment, verifying the capacity, projecting the impact, reserving the space, generating the work orders and tracking the project to a successful completion. With Nlyte 6.2, Nomura gains extended control of our data center projects and decreases the time and cost to deploy hundreds of assets in our data center,”

Data Center Manager,

Fenwick & West

“Nlyte Software’s solution gives us the visibility and process control we need to confidently and reliably manage our data center while helping us achieve LEED certification.”

Director of Information Technology,
Fenwick & West LLP