Asset Management

Know what you have and where, manage and optimize your assets at each step of their lifecycle

Your assets are valuable – manage their lifecycle

Your organization has physical infrastructure assets not just in your data center, but in your warehouse, in goods receiving, and everywhere in-between. That’s why you need data center infrastructure management (DCIM) “in the palm of your hands” with Nlyte Audit or Nlyte Receiving – to capture accurate asset information at the location of change. And when you aren’t in front of an asset, the Nlyte Connector for RF CodeTM Asset Location provides real-time asset location.

Manage your assets. Integrate with your existing Nlyte DCIM system seamlessly. No more unknown asset statuses nor locations.

Nlyte Audit

Nlyte Audit has a user-friendly experience for the portable auditing of cabinets, IT devices and their network and power connection, greatly reducing the time to install equipment, capturing changes and improving data accuracy and reliability – at the location of change itself. Nlyte Audit was built with insights derived from thousands of man-hours of auditing experience. It uses a combination of inexpensive handheld barcode scanner in conjunction with a tablet. It allows a user to scan an asset tag, confirm its information or add it to the Nlyte Content Database – all online (or with the ability to sync offline).

Nlyte Audit

Data Sheet

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Nlyte Mobile Goods Receiving - Planned Assets

Planned Assets

Nlyte Mobile Goods Receiving - Unplanned Assets

Unplanned Assets

Nlyte Receiving

Nlyte Receiving works seamlessly with both the Nlyte DCIM and Nlyte Audit Solutions for the management of goods receiving at the loading bay:

  • Mobile interface
  • Vendor agnostic barcode scanning support
  • The ability to scan, search and accept delivery of 100’s of assets at a time
  • The rapid creation and grouping of assets


Nlyte Connector for RF Code Asset Location

Features & Benefits

  • Adds accurate asset location data to Nlyte to help ensure that each device is represented properly
  • Adds asset definition and details to RF Code, providing data center floor context
  • Real-time data integration of configured devices and their locations
  • Highly scalable
  • Easily installed and configured

Nlyte Connector for RF Code Asset Location

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