audit and compliance

Audit and Compliance

Nlyte directly supports Audit, Regulatory and Fiscal compliance

Today’s data centers may exceed a capital asset value of $100 Million and may be the centerpiece of an organization’s fiscal record-keeping and commercial efforts. Billions of dollars may be flowing through the data center each year. It is no surprise then that the need to understand the precise complexion of a data center, what it contains and how it’s connected, is critically important. And with a typical data center going through hundreds or thousands of changes each year, it is essential to always have that accurate representation of the data center which reflects those changes.

With such an understanding, new decisions about technology purchases can be made based upon the actual existing structure. For commercial reasons, data center assets are regularly audited for accuracy to assure investments are at the proper level and having maximum effect on the business. And lastly, with corporate accountability and shareholder oversight, there is a significant requirement to support regulatory compliance initiatives (such as HIPAA and SOX) which confirm the proper protections are in place to assure fiscal accuracy and information privacy.

Complying with such audit and regulatory requirements can be onerous using traditional tools and practices, but with a properly deployed DCIM suite, it needn’t be. In fact, support for these initiatives is built-in! Because Nlyte was built to enable well-designed process and best practices workflows, (such as those inspired by the ITILv3 guidelines) the data center representation is continuously maintained as a result of change actions being performed. Nlyte has a complete log of all changes which have occurred for each and every asset. This granular level of detail directly supports your audit and compliance needs. With Nlyte, you also gain confidence that the right configuration item was installed/moved/added/changed at the appropriate time, in the right location, and connected properly.