Data Center Cooling Management

Data center heat map in Fahrenheit.

Data center heat map in Fahrenheit (1 of 2 screenshots)

Air Conditioning (AC) details by device.

Air Conditioning (AC) details by device (2 of 2 screenshots)

Importance to Colocation

  • View both real-time performance and trending over time
  • Plan your future energy needs more accurately
  • Reduce costs by optimizing temperature and balancing load
  • Prevent overheating and resulting damages to equipment and facilities

Modern data centers are packed with much higher density than before, so the need for cooling is much higher. At the same time, excessive cooling is a waste of energy and money.

Real-time tracking and response to raise the temperature safely and maintain a perfect balance cannot be done manually.

Specifically, you’ll get a much more accurate view of temperature at the cage level with:

  • Automated temperature monitoring in the individual cages
  • Wireless temperature sensors
  • Monitoring every CRAC on the floor for current set points and return air temperature
  • Historical data available through a playback option on the heatmap.