Power Monitoring

Power distribution by cabinet row (1of 2 screenshots)

Power failure simulation & prevention with PowerView (2 of 2 screenshots)

Importance to Colocation

  • Monitor power usage and detect anomalies in usage patterns, all essential for chargeback
  • Proactively prevent energy issues before they happen to tenants
  • Ensure redundancy and increase uptime
  • Identify unused power infrastructure to avoid waste with VPDU

Nlyte Colocation has enabled 10-25% power savings through monitoring and implementing simple corrections like optimizing temperature, load balancing and more.

Ensuring power consistency and having a robust contingency plan is crucial because downtime translates into lost revenue and profit, as several prominent airlines, among others, have experienced on an-ongoing basis.

Nlyte’s Failure Simulation to analyze the power chain can help prevent similar power outages going forward.