SLA Management

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Importance to Colocation

  • Access to robust management tools to monitor power, cooling, and other prerequisite metrics to fulfill service agreement
  • Regular uptime and status reports with detailed logs and aggregation tools ensure compliance and satisfy regulatory demands
  • Prove SLAs and generate alerts whenever nearing power or space limits
  • Ability and flexibility to structure price models including “pay-as-you-go” allowing colocation providers to re-sell DCIM to tenants

Administering SLAs is arguably the most crucial aspect of satisfying colocation tenants, because an SLA stipulates what, how much and when you need to deliver.

Having built-in flexibility to respond to their needs as they grow or change is essential.

Using Nlyte, each tenant has individual access to information they need and demand regarding their space and energy use, via a separate secure portal, without compromising the security of other tenants.