migrations and consolidations

Migrations & Consolidations

Reduce the cost, time and risk of migrations and consolidations

The ability to effectively plan for a data center consolidation or migration directly impacts the IT organization’s ability to execute the plan on time and on budget with a high degree of confidence in the resulting production system.

Would you want to entrust and run such a critical initiative on a series of spreadsheets?

Planning a data center consolidation or migration requires knowing exactly what assets you have, where they are located as well as their configuration and connectivity. It also requires the ability to model, report and communicate all future plans to the appropriate individuals for approval and implementation. Finally, a successful data center consolidation project is predicated upon having the solutions to effectively and efficiently manage and report on the status of the project throughout its duration.

The Nlyte DCSM solution reduces the cost, time and risk of migrations and consolidations by:

  • Planning the capacity required to support the move.
  • Establishing pre-move baselines to measure success.
  • Developing a complete asset picture prior to starting.
  • Visualizing and model the migration/consolidation.
  • Controlling data center processes and personnel.
  • Reporting on progress through-out the project.
  • Forecasting future capacity resources.