Tim Regovich

Tim is responsible for expanding the industry leading capabilities of the core Nlyte products into new and exciting verticals and for creating new complementary product suites to launch Nlyte into the upper echelons of the software industry.

Before joining the Nlyte team, Mr. Regovich was Principal Architect at LiquidHub, Inc where he led process adoption for managing global IT delivery. Among other positions, Tim was SOA Architect, and led a global delivery team across multiple work streams to deliver an integrated solution for a large health care insurer. He has also served as Chief Architect for a media delivery start up company.

Tim’s experience is wide and various, having worked in companies as different as Jacksonville Energy Authority, the City of New York’s Department of Justice, Lockheed Martin, a media company, and several pharmaceutical giants. As a Software Architect, Systems Architect or Chief Architect, Tim has a proven record of outstanding leadership, creative problem solving and delivering solutions that integrate technical innovation with business process.

Tim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.