Colocation Providers

Managing a colocation, multi-tenant, hosting or managed cloud facility adds a whole new dimension to data center infrastructure monitoring.

Colo managers are tracking and reporting on a host of metrics: power, space, capacity utilization, temperature, asset placement, lifecycle status, etc.; to keep customers informed on SLA achievement. Nlyte Platinum DCIM solution is ideal to address these specific multi-tenant concerns. Nlyte's Colocation solution helps a colocation provider run the data center at peak efficiency while keeping tenants happy, offering the added value of available DCIM monitoring and helping the sales team sell more space to increase revenue.

Sample of Nlyte's Colocation Customers

COLOCATION CASE STUDY: Nlyte helped them with both these goals by giving them a central view of all data centre assets and capacity and providing added value to Computacenters tenants

Where Nlyte Helps the Operator

Nlyte monitors the largest colocations in the world, including a multi-tenant facility of 250,000 square feet and 50 MW. The solution seamlessly scales as facility infrastructure grows.

Space Discovery and Reservation
Real-time, granular monitoring down to the outlet helps discover stranded physical capacity and power that can be sold, to increase revenue and delay plant expansion.

Power Savings
Nlyte has delivered 25% power savings through monitoring and implementing simple corrections like optimizing temperature, load balancing and more.

System Alerts
Alerts are triggered when a tenant nears a pre-determined power or space limit so contracts can be updated.

Proof of Compliance
SLA proof is as easy as pulling a report.

Tenant Access
Each tenant has individual access to information they need and demand regarding their space and energy use, via a separate secure portal, without compromising the security of other tenants.

Separate Zones
The ability to separate zones, cabinets, cages and suites by tenant allows tracking of individual usage for accurate billing.

Long-Term Forecasting
Reports on power consumption and trending over time help in budget allocation, rebilling and forecasting future capacity needs.

Nlyte Delivers Benefit for Tenants

  • Enables tenants to safely view their own power, space, capacity and usage information, without compromising the security of other tenants
  • Accurate billing based on actual power usage
  • Provides proof of SLA compliance
  • Enables sub-lease and offers DCIM benefits to their customers

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