Learn How to Improve Your Technology Asset Management

When a path looks difficult, we tend to hurry down it and end up stumbling along the way.

Each of us can avoid these unexpected traps, such as:

4. Avariciousness

This happens when you’re hoarding budget for just the right time but end up with security holes that would make a sieve look watertight.  A small investment today, might just save your job.

5. Obstreperousness

Most ITAM solutions are like teenage daughters, talking constantly across their network.  Stop overwhelming the rest of your applications by leveraging technology that gets the job done right, without the excess chatter.

6. Purblindness
Did you need the heated rearview mirror and extended warranty for the cigarette lighter when you bought your new car?  Stop fooling yourself and put your technology vendors to the test. Get what you need, not what they want to sell you.

Learn more about these Technology Asset Management Pitfalls and the other four.

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Our Customers Include

“Nlyte is not just a data center solution. It’s an enterprise solution for all of IT.
It’s all about high reliability.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise, Data Center, Sutter Health

“Nlyte is…our starting point. Having a common framework,
a common source of truth of the inventory.”

Tony Gibson
Associate Director for Inventory Management and IT Tools Support

“We deferred a data center build for about $20 million…
and saved 7% in operating costs…with Nlyte.”

James Cribari
Global Infrastructure Services Development Manager