Nlyte Software announces free availability of the “Nlyte Remote Support Kit” to assist organizations as they work remotely due to the Coronavirus

Nlyte Software is making available its “Command Center” solution module and system administration training at no charge.

Nlyte Software, a leading provider of hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM) software solutions, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, announced the availability of its Nlyte Command Center to any existing customer. The module, free of charge and with free installation services, will enable customers to remotely take actions in the data center to ensure system and workload continuity while managing it data center sites.

The Coronavirus has necessitated that many organizations request employees to work from home. As a result, many infrastructure personnel are now being asked to manage their IT assets and critical infrastructure remotely, whether those resources are in colocation facilities or their own data centers. This poses the challenge of dealing with physical hardware, including assets that need to be hard-booted.

Nlyte Command Center will enable credentialed personnel to log in and perform specific tasks on individual hardware from a remote location. This includes on/off functionality when assets have frozen or need to be hard-booted. It also allows authorized personnel to change fan speeds and get return air set points, among other capabilities.

“We asked ourselves at Nlyte how can we help our customers during this challenging time. Many of the personnel who use our solutions day-to-day are now working remotely so we realized Nlyte Command Center would help them do their jobs more effectively,” said Niraj Desai, Chief Operation Officer for Nlyte. “Our goal was to just help our customers without any hidden costs – so we are offering both the software and the installation services for free.”

Nlyte Command Center can be used by any customer who is on version 10.5 or above (current version 11.0) and is using Nlyte Platinum Edition and/or Nlyte Energy Optimizer.

“Nlyte is also making available free training to expand the number of system administrators to ensure system support continuity. If organizations feel they want more people familiar with the Nlyte solution, they can easily go online and get the training they need. This training, along with Nlyte Command Center, make up the Nlyte Remote Support Kit, which together help employees working from home to more easily maintain Nlyte solutions.”

For more information, please visit: or contact your Nlyte account executive.

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