Nlyte Introduces Asset Integrity Monitoring And Resiliency Management

New Solution Helps Organizations Reduce Risk and More Tightly Govern Their Physical Computing Equipment

SAN MATEO, CA – May 8, 2018 – Nlyte Software, the leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software company, today announced the availability of its Asset Integrity Monitoring and Resiliency Management solution. The new offering provides a comprehensive overview of computing assets within data centers or colocation facilities, identifying those at risk due to unplanned changes.

Nlyte’s Asset Integrity Monitoring is an all-encompassing data center monitoring and management software solution that combines Nlyte Asset Optimizer to provide advanced asset lifecycle management to track resources throughout their productive life and Nlyte Discovery to automatically collect and provide detailed information about devices connected to the network.

For the first time, one holistic solution eliminates the piecemeal-software approach for monitoring a data center’s hardware assets and operating environment. Asset Integrity Monitoring is protocol agnostic and leverages agentless discovery to provide detailed information including IP addresses, firmware, software for servers and switches, laptops and PCs -- up to 1,100 detailed attributes captured in the discovery database. With this high level physical infrastructure detail, data center managers can now use a single source to pinpoint:

  • Servers consuming power and not being managed by a formal process (zombie servers).
  • Firmware/software with known security vulnerabilities.
  • All unplanned asset changes on the network -- those changing, appearing or disappearing.

Devices are frequently changed or moved in the data center, often outside the normal change management process, resulting in inaccurate systems of record and the introduction of unnecessary risk,” said Robert Neave, Co-Founder and CTO, Nlyte. “Asset Integrity Monitoring is the new baseline or ‘record of truth’ to identify unplanned changes and enhance resiliency of physical systems while hardening physical infrastructure against cyber threats by identifying firmware/software vulnerabilities.”

In addition, Nlyte Asset Integrity Monitoring synchronizes hardware and software information to purchasing/financial systems to provide more accurate records while also reducing maintenance and warranty costs. Additionally, the solution provides advanced search engine capabilities for reporting, thus eliminating the need for a technical interface or manual custom report creation.

For years organizations have used file asset integrity monitoring to identify potential risks occurring at the software layer of their IT stack – yet organizations have lacked the tools to manage their physical infrastructure with the same rigor and discipline,” said Mark Gaydos, Chief Marketing Officer, Nlyte. “With our introduction of Nlyte Asset Integrity Monitoring we are now giving organizations the ability to proactively monitor some or all of their physical assets, whether in their own data centers or outside colocation facilities, with the same thoroughness as their software stack.”

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