Nlyte Software Offers Solutions for Risk Mitigation during COVID-19 Pandemic

EDISON, N.J., April 18, 2020 – Nlyte Software, the leading Infrastructure Performance Management software company, has recognized the need for data centers to adapt as the COVID-19 outbreak escalates. As such, they have proffered unique ways for data centers to optimize operations.

In the “Risk Mitigation during COVID-19”webinar, Mike Schmitt, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, shared solutions and action steps for data centers lacking a Pandemic Disaster Plan. Although entire compute infrastructures cannot be quarantined, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools can reduce risk and help maintain compliance control.

Nlyte puts forward that building an accurate virtual version of each company’s data centers can reduce the amount of time needed for personnel to be in the data centers themselves and thus limit potential COVID exposure. Through risk mitigation, planning and problem solving can, then, be done remotely which leaves only specific physical work to be accomplished onsite.

Nlyte describes how risk mitigation can be enacted chiefly through centralized management and automation.

Centralized management allows industry leaders to monitor what is occurring in the data centers, at the colocation vendor facilities, within edge compute centers, and cloud workloads. Nlyte Command Center offers the ability to remotely control power cycling and networked devices from a central counsel.

Automation allows for even more virtual management through DCIM solutions. Automated workflows allow companies to translate predefined IT policies and structure workflows across organizations to report progress, identify anomalies, and more. In addition to automated reporting and network mapping, automated alarm management can indicate condition changes and then integrate the workflow to trigger a mitigation work order. Automated discovery scans networks to identify and confirm digital changes to various asset-tracking systems.

These various forms of centralized management and risk mitigation combined with remote power monitoring can effectually result in mass remote work; this shifts the stress on the infrastructure which often results in less physical presence being needed. Asset Explorers can additionally audit these shifting stresses and eliminate travel to the data center to find particular troubled assets.

With implementation, Nlyte believes that data centers can continue adapting successfully to the coronavirus.

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