Nlyte Software Releases Colocation Edition To Improve The Profitability of Colocation Providers

New Offering Enables Colocation Providers to Deliver Better Service to Customers While Helping Sell More Effectively

SAN MATEO, CA– October 4, 2016  –  Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company developing solutions for automating the management of data center infrastructure, today announced its new Colocation Edition. The new offering enables colocation and data center providers to easily generate and share detailed reports with customers regarding power usage effectiveness and data center capacity planning as well as in-depth analytics identifying unused IT assets and service level agreements (SLAs) validation.

Nlyte Colocation Edition also improves transparency and agility in how colocation sales teams can engage with customers.  Up-to-the-minute analytics on actual data center infrastructure utilization provides sales people a powerful tool to quickly answer customers’ questions, improve their close rates, and bolster the profitability of the limited square footage within a colocation’s data centers.

Both tenants and colocation/data center service providers benefit from the new offering by:

  • Tenants
    • Having robust, real-time power monitoring and alarming
    • Receiving flexible power and space reporting capabilities
    • Gaining the ability to be self-reliant by generating reports that determine SLA compliance
    • Monitoring power levels to avoid power outages
    • Receiving full privacy and security features from full transparency reporting
    • Gaining improved data center asset management capabilities for infrastructure deployed in the colocation facilities (add-on service)
  • Colocation and Data Center Service Providers
    • Identifying stranded power and space not used by tenants
    • Allowing sales teams to reserve power and space resources on-demand on behalf of tenants
    • Reducing time and costs spent by colocation personnel to generate reports on behalf of tenants
    • Generating additional revenue per SQFT, with greater transparency of available resources
    • Empowering colocation sales teams with enhanced agility to close business with tenants
    • Providing scalability and forecasting for future needs
    • Offering market differentiating leading data center asset management capabilities as a value added service

“The colocation market continues to grow more competitive and organizations competing in this market are constantly looking for ways to increase their efficiency and improve their sales effectiveness,” said Mark Gaydos, chief marketing officer, Nlyte Software. “Nlyte Colocation Edition gives organizations real-time analytics that improve their tenants’ services, reduce their operational costs while providing their sales teams with greater insight into available data center infrastructure inventory – a win/win for colocation providers and tenants alike.”

Nlyte Colocation Edition also allows colocation providers the ability to offer their customers the Nlyte Enterprise Edition’s leading data center asset management capabilities, as a service, for an additional fee.  This enables colocation providers to offer a unique, market-differentiating value to customers interested in and/or required to manage the assets being placed and maintained in colocation facilities.  Nlyte’s advanced multi-tenancy capability ensures tenants have access to their specific cages, assets and resources – while providing improved infrastructure transparency with advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities.

About Nlyte Software

Nlyte is the leading software company that automates the management of services provided by the data center (DCSM). Many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centers use Nlyte to become more agile, reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Founded in 2004, Nlyte provides a comprehensive and proven DCSM solution with a modern, web-services architecture. With Nlyte, customers can easily manage all their existing data center processes, resources, policies, assets and interrelationships. For more information, visit or follow @nlyte on Twitter.

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