Nlyte teams up with Rahi to expand DCIM expertise in Europe

LONDON, UK – December 18, 2017 – Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company focused on the management and optimisation of infrastructure in data centres and colocation facilities, today announced a partnership with Rahi, a Global Data Center Solutions provider offering a full suite of products in physical infrastructure, storage, compute and networking.

The Europe based Rahi team has achieved technical and commercial accreditation as part of the European Nlyte Partner Network. Rahi's skilled data centre specialists will act as an extension of the Nlyte Software’s brand. Rahi mission is to make its customers more successful through the adoption of the best technology for incorporation into data centres. With Nlyte Software, Rahi Systems now has a proven enterprise data centre infrastructure management solution (DCIM) – without the complexity of DCIM suite solutions – offering to add to its portfolio.

Rahi Systems’ customers will be able to plan their future growth with greater efficiency based on informed decisions, using Nlyte Software’s solution. These customers tend to have heterogeneous and complex IT estates and are in need of a complete solution that can scale with their business.

All Rahi Systems’ solutions are built upon the same core tenets: maximised availability, enhanced security, increased efficiency and minimised costs. Its experts are industry veterans who know the challenges that customers face and how data centres can become more efficient by deploying a solution such as Nlyte Software’s.

Marcus Doran, Vice President of Sales & General Manager, Rahi Europe, explained: “The data centre market is undergoing real change. Managers are battling challenges from complexity, cost, and not being able to scale at the pace required. Those who have not embraced DCIM to optimise their infrastructure assets are having to play catch-up to faster operators who are creating more efficient and effective colocation facilities and private data centres. Nlyte’s solutions and services complement our infrastructure management portfolio for data centre solutions.”

Moshe Benjo, Nlyte Software Vice President, Head of Sales, EMEA, said: “Nlyte offers data centre managers the tools to analyse and optimise their infrastructure assets. A proper understanding of the workings of assets operating in the data center is the first step to gaining control of what can become a sprawl as investments grow. Rahi have the deep expertise in data centre operations to reverse this trend.”

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About Rahi
Rahi delivers a suite of solutions and services that optimise the cost, performance, scalability, manageability and efficiency of today’s data center. Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the needs and the challenges of service providers, government agencies and enterprises, the company has grown through a solutions-oriented approach, outstanding support and a culture of customer success. Rahi has its corporate headquarters in Fremont, Calif., with offices in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, Ireland, Turkey, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Australia.


About Nlyte

Founded in 2004, Nlyte Software is recognized as the industry leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution provider.  Nlyte’s DCIM provides unmatched functionality that supports all data center processes across the entire “dock to decom” lifecycle.  With a 98% customer retention rate, Nlyte’s DCIM solution is used by many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centers, as well as many small and medium sized organizations. Customers can quickly deploy the Nlyte DCIM solution and begin to immediately enjoy reduced costs and increased efficiency across all data center processes. For more information, visit or follow