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Nlyte Asset Explorer


Discover the Unknown – Knowledge, Understanding

You can’t manage and protect what you don’t know you have. Nlyte Asset Explorer is a comprehensive enterprise software solution set that automatically collects detailed information about every device connected to the network. The solution includes all the tools and technology to visualize the results of the discovered inventory of hardware and its configuration attributes, services/processes, and application licenses and usage, in order to better control and manage them.

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Automated discovery of hardware and software
Agentless discovery sees everything attached to your network from power and facilities, compute, laptop/desktop, and IoT assets.

Detailed inventory of all asset attributes
Protocol, platform, and vendor agnostic Nlyte Asset Explorer takes inventory of all hardware and software it scans.

Reconciliation across IT and business systems
Detailed information is shared with Nlyte Asset Optimizer, as well as ITSM, BI, HR, and ERP systems for accurate tracking of usage, support, and maintenance overhead.

Risk Mitigation
Discover unknown hardware and software that could be a potential risk, validate change management processes are being met, who is interacting with the assets, and provide the needed data for audits and delta change reporting.

What don’t you know about your IT infrastructure?

The Who, What, Why, Where, When of Energy Assets, Compute Assets, End User Devices, IoT Devices

  • What devices are attached to the network?
  • Are there unknown devices installed?
  • Is a hardware or software asset approved to be installed?
  • Are devices configured correctly?
  • Were add, move, change, deletes completed per change management process?
  • Who owns what asset and where is it?
  • Are approved/nonapproved users accessing devices and software?
  • Is installed software approved?
  • Is software the correct version?
  • Is software licensing current?
  • How often is an application being used?
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New Product Demo

This new complete solution automatically collects and presents detailed information about all devices connected to your organization’s network and is fully integrated with the Nlyte Suite of DCIM solutions, bolstering the “system of record” for automated data center asset normalization.

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Check out the recording about our newest DCIM module with agentless scanning of the assets across your IT network.

Use Cases for Nlyte Asset Explorer

Nlyte Asset Explorer Solutions

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Asset Integrity Monitoring (AIM)

Ensure the integrity of physical assets by providing a baseline of all assets, power systems and processes in your data center or colocation facilities. It improves management and strengthens the chain-of-custody of all data center assets from procurement through decommissioning.

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Nlyte’s Data Center Infrastructure Management Suite improves compliance by providing the ability to track within the physical infrastructure where the data resides, whether it is encrypted and by what method, the means in which the data is transported, and who has interacted with the data.