Asset Explorer For ServiceNow CMDB

Cost effective Discovery and Reconciliation

Automatically discover everything in your infrastructure and update your ServiceNow master data source.

  • Asset Explorer automatically discovers any asset on the network
  • No protocol or platform restrictions
  • Asset data is synchronized to ServiceNow Asset Management system and then to the CMDB
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Nlyte’s Connector for ServiceNow Inventory leverages the next generation discovery and business logic engine in Asset Explorer, a Technology Asset Management solution from Nlyte. Its agentless approach has the ability to identify any hardware, software, or IoT device connected on your network and subnetworks, anywhere. It collects the broadest asset inventory, identifying hundreds of attributes, regardless of vendor, technology, or protocols, from the most economical platform on the market. This rich information ensures your ServiceNow implementation has the most accurate, up to date inventory information to ensure accurate accountability, rapid service resolution, improved asset management and capacity planning, as well as improving transparency and risk reduction.

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