Asset Optimizer Product Overview

Automate and Integrate Your Physical Compute Infrastructure

Nlyte's Asset Optimizer is key to any Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution. NAO is an open and scalable platform that provides automation and efficiency to asset lifecycle management, capacity planning, audit, and compliance tracking. NAO easily manages assets from receiving dock to decommissioning, globally or rack by rack. It simplifies space and energy planning and easily connects to ITSM and other BI applications.

Effective oversight and management of IT assets, resources, and processes is indispensable. NAO automates DCIM workflows and IT integrations. Many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centers rely on Nlyte to manage all of their existing data center processes, resources, assets and interrelationships. As a result, they become more agile, reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Ultimately, Nlyte empowers CIO’s and CTO’s to turn their data centers from cost bearers into centers of excellence.