Closing the Gaps in ServiceNow Data Center Management

Would you like to increase the value of your ServiceNow investment? Capture workflows in the data center directly in your ServiceNow Change Management? Ensure asset changes occurring in your data center are reflected immediately in your ServiceNow CMDB?

ServiceNow and other ITSM vendors do not have the necessary information and capabilities to enable an enterprise to optimize its data centers and achieve its SLAs while lowering the cost of a Workload.

Listen in as Mark Gaydos, CMO of Nlyte, discusses:

  • Where ServiceNow's Facilities Management falls short
  • The common question: "I already have ServiceNow CMDB & Change Management. Why do I need DCIM?"
  • Getting complete visibility and measurement from application down to concrete
  • Improving adoption of ITIL best practices across IT and Facilities