White Paper

Data Center Hosting Services for Secure Federal Agencies

This white paper reviews the evolving challenges facing many US Federal agency’s IT teams that provide multi-tenant support across a range of secure and nonsecure groups.

The first challenge discussed is the “chargeback and utilization” tracking at the most granular level.

The second is for the need of a secure architecture that can collect infrastructure operating data across secure to Top Secret environments to aggregate management date in a meaningful and useful manner.

Additionally, there is a need to share or integrate the operating management data with other systems, thus driving the need for a single source of truth that updates all business intelligence systems.

As many agencies have discovered, a proven DCIM solution implementation can manage asset lifecycles, capacity planning, resource reservation and tracking, power and cooling, and automate workflows.


A solution with colocation, or multi-tenant support. It goes beyond traditional DCIM systems and provides secure management for the tenant and collective oversight for the hosting organization.