White Paper

DCOI Compliance: Understanding the Requirements and DCIM Selection Checklist

For Federal agencies, the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI), announced in March of 2016, stipulates the installation of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. DCOI replaces the now 6-year-old FDCCI and has much stricter goals and additional rules meant to reduce the government’s sprawling data center inventory and the amount of money it takes to maintain it.

In essence, DCOI requires federal agencies to develop and report on data center strategies to consolidate inefficient infrastructure, optimize existing facilities, achieve cost savings, and transition to more efficient infrastructure, such as cloud services and inter-agency shared services through the capabilities imparted by third-party DCIM software. DCOI also raises the number of data centers government agencies are required to close.

This white paper discusses the new initiative and provides:

  • A roadmap to meeting the 3 main goals of DCOI – Optimization, Cost Savings and Reduction of Data Centers.
  • Screen shots of dashboards to monitor the 5 required Optimization Metrics
  • A checklist for selecting a DCIM vendor that supports DCOI and how Nlyte stacks up