Nlyte DCIM Platinum Edition Solution

Key Benefits of Nlyte Platinum Edition

• Provide automation of the management of all your data center assets, resources, systems, processes and people to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
• Manage entire lifecycle of assets from “dock to decom” with ability to minimize resources those assets consume – both energy and personnel time
• Gain complete insight into where assets are located, the resources they consume, the systems they are dependent on, what business group owns them and costs associated with maintaining them
• Connect Nlyte Platinum Edition into virtualization and ITSM systems, with additional Nlyte connectors, to give IT better insight into planning, problem prevention and system issue forensics
• Increase efficiency of all groups that depend on and work with data center information by ensuring information is accurate and current – reduce time to provide compliance and perform audits

Download this solution brief to learn more about how Nlyte's Platinum DCIM Solution helps your organization automate the management of all your assets, resources, processes, and people throughout the entire lifecycle of your data center(s).