Nlyte Receiving Data Sheet

Data Center assets often sit in your organization’s goods-receiving area for extended periods, unaccounted for, leading to more significant costs and inefficiencies. An asset left unaccounted for can quickly become appropriated by another team, sit unused for weeks or months, or worse, become lost. When that asset isn’t received and thus able to be put into service as soon as possible, warranty, lease, and depreciation clocks start ticking – effectively wasting money. Ultimately, you’ll want to account for your project’s or team’s assets immediately as they are received, so you can begin an accurate chargeback process and, most importantly, avoid needless project delays.

Nlyte Receiving is designed to work seamlessly with the Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, allowing you to scan and verify an asset right at goods receiving, initiating the next process step in your workflow for accurate, well-controlled asset lifecycle management. In essence, Nlyte Receiving extends IT service management (ITSM) business processes into the loading bay and data center.