Preventing Catastrophic Data Center Power Outages

Power outages are more common than most think…or know.

  • Many organizations lack clear visibility into their infrastructure until it’s too late
  • Too often data center operators take a reactive posture – out of sight, out of mind
  • Hardware vendors suggest more hardware is solution but most organizations need tools to manage multi-vendor infrastructure holistically.

The potential downsides of data center power failure range from loss of service to negative impact on brand and loss of customer loyalty.

Listen in as Rob Neave, CTO, and Mark Gaydos, CMO of Nlyte, discuss the 6 Steps to Assessing Power Chain Risk including transparency, simulation and resiliency.

They also highlight the outcome organizations have received by implementing these steps including:

  • Able to head-off potential server failures
  • Able to head-off potential network failure
  • Gained insight on potential future issues