What is System Utilization Monitoring?

During the DCD Webscale event in San Francisco, Nlyte’s Mark Gaydos talked us through the company’s new Nlyte System Utilization Monitoring - N-SUM - software. N-SUM is a scalable monitoring solution that captures detailed server and CPU information. The sum is greater than the parts “Nlyte’s introducing system utilization monitoring software which allows organizations to monitor the CPU and the server utilization of systems within the data center,” Gaydos said. “This is a great compliment to Nlyte because for years we’ve had the ability to monitor the environment, outside assets and the monitor the power being consumed within assets.” He added: “Now we’re going further, we’re going into the actual systems and assets to measure their utilization and CPU performance. Not only can you manage power, you can manage assets in the environment. You can look at the performance of the actual equipment, you can find potentially zombie servers that are functionally consuming resources but not providing any business benefits. So all ideas to reduce cost and increase efficiency and really mitigate risk within the data center.”