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Nlyte Asset Optimizer
Nlyte Asset Optimizer is an open and scalable software solution that provides automation and efficiency to asset lifecycle management, capacity planning, audit, and compliance tracking from data center and across the entire hybrid cloud.

Nlyte Energy Optimizer
Nlyte Energy Optimizer provides real-time power and temperature monitoring, alarming, analytics and “what-if” power failure simulation.

Asset Explorer for DCIM Automation
Automated discovery, network mapping, and asset database maintenance.  Eliminates time consuming audits and human errors, while ensuring all interconnected systems are kept up to date and interdependencies are understood between assets, network, and power connections.

Nlyte enables you to see the overall floor plan of any room in your data center and drill down into the racks, cabinets, assets and connections in granular detail.

Dashboards and Reporting
Nlyte’s built-in dashboards and reports help you visualize your data center and manage it more efficiently. View historic information, real-time data or project future trends.

Nlyte’s workflow manager keeps updates to your data center on track. It provides a view of tasks, responsibilities and changes.