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Nlyte Colocation Solution

You Get More Capacity, Customers Get More Assurance

Nlyte’s DCIM solution for colocation, hosting, or managed cloud providers benefits both the hosting company and its tenants. With real-time monitoring the provider is empowered to discover stranded data center power and space capacity to sell for added revenue, while tenants enjoy transparency into their own usage information.

Nlyte Colocation benefits Tenants…

  • Safely view power, space, capacity and usage information, without compromising the security of other tenants
  • Accurate billing based on actual power usage
  • Provides proof of SLA compliance

…and Providers

  • Services create a differentiator in a competitive colocation market
  • Locate and sell stranded capacity for increased revenue
  • Enables risk reduction and power savings
  • Easily deliver detailed SLA reporting
  • Provide tenants individual, secure access to their information
  • Separate the facilities into zones for individual tracking and accurate billing
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Case Study

Nlyte Energy Optimizer Colocation Suite helps customer reduce energy consumption, sell more space and plan for expansions.

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White Paper

If you decide that colocation is the way to go for your business needs, here are 7 important factors to consider before your migration begins.

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See how Nlyte and Data4 work together to make Colocation easier and more efficient for both managers and tenants.

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